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Consumer What's the Nordic diet? What's the Nordic diet?
You've heard about the Mediterranean diet. How about the Nordic diet?

"It appears to be a pretty good diet,” said Dr. John Swartzberg at the UC Berkeley Wellness Letter.
Consumer Washington food workers duped by invalid food permits Washington food workers duped by invalid food permits(Video)
If you want a job in a place where food is served - you must to have a valid food handlers card from your local health department. It's a state law. If its not the right card - you cannot work in food service until you retake the test and get a valid certificate. But state investigators say thousands of local workers got duped.
Consumer The benefits of a harness over a leash The benefits of a harness over a leash
What do you use when you take your dog for a walk - a leash or a harness?

Mikkel Becker, animal training expert at, says in many cases, a harness might be a better way to go.

"It doesn't put the strain on the neck and it doesn't choke them," she said.
Consumer Dishwashers that deliver Dishwashers that deliver
Testers spend a day dirtying dishes, glasses, and silverware-smearing on peanut butter, sauce, egg yolks, spinach, and more. Then the dishes are left in the dishwasher overnight, letting all of that food get caked-on, just like you might do.
Consumer Recall issued for Foster Farms chicken sold in Wash. Recall issued for Foster Farms chicken sold in Wash.
A California chicken producer has issued its first recall since being linked to an outbreak of an antibiotic-resistant strain of salmonella that has been making people sick for more than a year, company and federal food officials said Thursday night.
Consumer Tracking teen drivers Tracking teen drivers (Video)
Car accidents are the number one cause of death for teenagers. Teens are inexperienced drivers, and they tend to speed. Consumer Reports has tested three devices that you install in the car to keep tabs on your teenage driver.
Consumer Yoshi grill mat: Does it work? Yoshi grill mat: Does it work?(Video)
No matter what type of grill you prefer, chances are you'll agree the worst part of grilling- is cleaning the grill. So how about a grill mat that promises to cook food evenly, reduce flare-ups, and keep your food off the grill? It's called the Yoshi Grill Mat.
Consumer Best and worst fast food Best and worst fast food
With about 14,000 McDonalds in the U.S., you're never far from a Big Mac. But out of 21 hamburger chains, Consumer Reports readers rated McDonald's hamburgers the worst tasting.
Consumer FTC sues T-Mobile, alleges 'Bogus Charges' FTC sues T-Mobile, alleges 'Bogus Charges'(Video)
The Federal Trade Commission is suing Bellevue- based T-mobile, claiming the cell phone service provider cashed in, by hiding charges on customers bills. The FTC says the company knowingly charged customers for third- party premium services that T-Mobile knew were not authorized.