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Consumer Surviving your hospital stay Surviving your hospital stay(Video)
You go to the hospital to get well. But far too many people die after something goes wrong. Patients get the wrong drugs, fail to get needed tests or treatments or develop infections that could have been prevented.
Consumer Scratch-dini: Does it work? Scratch-dini: Does it work?(Video)
No matter how well you take care of your car or truck, it's nearly impossible to keep it from getting scratched. Most of us just complain and move on. But for $10, Scratch-dini promises scratch removal in one easy step.
Consumer Top toilet paper brands Top toilet paper brands(Video)
Brand loyal with your toilet paper? Consumer Reports says you might want to reassess. Of the 19 different toilet papers it tested, more and more brands are skimping — fewer sheets, smaller sheets and narrower rolls.
Consumer Don't dig into trouble - call 811 first Don't dig into trouble - call 811 first
Hitting a gas or electric line buried under your property can be extremely dangerous. That's why you are required – by law – to call before you dig a hole to plant a tree, install a fence or put in a lamppost.
Consumer Investigators, victims weigh impacts of tax ID fraud, Oso disaster relief Investigators, victims weigh impacts of tax ID fraud, Oso disaster relief(Video)
Despite earlier alerts, IRS imposters continue to steal millions by calling taxpayers on the phone and threatening jail time if delinquent taxes are not paid immediately. Even if you're savvy, think of friends, family, neighbors and others in your community who might be fooled by these clever creeps. Spread the word that IRS agents do not call you with threats. They do not use other law enforcement to threaten you. They don't text your cell phone or send unsolicited emails. Bottom line: hang up on all threatening calls, delete all unsolicited emails, and notify the U. S. Treasury Inspector about any scam attempts.
Consumer Does it makes sense to pay tax bill with you credit card? Does it makes sense to pay tax bill with you credit card?
Paying your tax liability with your credit card may seem like a smart move. It lets you delay the actual payment for a month or so. And you may be able earn some extra rewards on your card. But before you reach for your wallet, consider this.
Consumer Insurance companies you can count on Insurance companies you can count on(Video)
When a storm slams through your front door, the damages you suffer are often determined by fate. But how easily you can pick up the pieces may be determined by your home insurer.
Consumer Veggetti: Does it work? Veggetti: Does it work?(Video)
If you want to get people to buy more kitchen gadgets, come up with a new way to cut vegetables. That seems to be an unspoken motto in the gadget industry. Here's yet another new-fangled veggie cutter that promoters think you can't do without. It's called Veggetti. The hook with this one is spaghetti without the fat and carbs. And like some of it's veggie-cutting, As Seen On TV cousins that I've tested recently, it promises fast, easy results- with a twist.