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Consumer Tracking teen drivers Tracking teen drivers (Video)
Car accidents are the number one cause of death for teenagers. Teens are inexperienced drivers, and they tend to speed. Consumer Reports has tested three devices that you install in the car to keep tabs on your teenage driver.
Consumer Yoshi grill mat: Does it work? Yoshi grill mat: Does it work?(Video)
No matter what type of grill you prefer, chances are you'll agree the worst part of grilling- is cleaning the grill. So how about a grill mat that promises to cook food evenly, reduce flare-ups, and keep your food off the grill? It's called the Yoshi Grill Mat.
Consumer Best and worst fast food Best and worst fast food
With about 14,000 McDonalds in the U.S., you're never far from a Big Mac. But out of 21 hamburger chains, Consumer Reports readers rated McDonald's hamburgers the worst tasting.
Consumer FTC sues T-Mobile, alleges 'Bogus Charges' FTC sues T-Mobile, alleges 'Bogus Charges'(Video)
The Federal Trade Commission is suing Bellevue- based T-mobile, claiming the cell phone service provider cashed in, by hiding charges on customers bills. The FTC says the company knowingly charged customers for third- party premium services that T-Mobile knew were not authorized.
Consumer How an aspirin could save your life How an aspirin could save your life
Aspirin is truly a wonder drug. It helps relieve pan and reduce inflammation. And it's also something you might save your life if you're having a heart attack.
Consumer Dealing with dry rot
We all know what happens when lumber stays wet for long periods of time in a poorly-ventilated area. The inside of the wood breaks down and turns to mush. The technical term is dry rot, and it's caused when fungus attacks the wet wood.
Consumer Protect your pets this July 4th Protect your pets this July 4th
Those Fourth of July fireworks can really stress your pets.

"They go into this all-out panic and from the pet's perspective it makes sense," said Mikkel Becker, animal trainer with

Keep your dogs and cats at home, in a safe place.
Consumer Local couple returns money in charity scam settlement Local couple returns money in charity scam settlement(Video)
A Snohomish County couple who claimed to be raising money for local kids just agreed to give back thousands of dollars that never went to charity at all. The state sued the couple last December to stop the unauthorized fundraising activity and just reached a settlement after months of negotiating.
Consumer Lawn mowers that make the cut Lawn mowers that make the cut(Video)
Consumer Reports has tested more than 100 lawn mowers from companies such as Craftsman, Toro, and Troy-Bilt on acres and acres of grassy fields in Fort Meyers, Florida and has some recommendations so that you'll get a great cut.