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Consumer Top laundry detergents Top laundry detergents (Video)
378 loads! That's how much laundry Consumer Reports' testers did to find the best laundry detergents. The tested more than 50 liquids, powders, and pods. Also included in the tests-two laundry systems that claim to clean without detergent. They are the $300 pureWash and the $400 Wash It. Both mount on the wall above your washer and inject ozone into your wash water.
Consumer Don't let a scammer ruin your vacation
It's no fun getting scammed on vacation. Here's how to reduce your risk.

Remove everything from your wallet that you won't need on your travels. Only take the ID, credit cards and debit cards you’ll need.
Consumer Winbot: How well does it work? Winbot: How well does it work? (Video)
By now, most of us have seen the little robots that vacuum your floor so you don't have to. The latest trend in robotic cleaning is bots that clean big windows and mirrors- and I finally got my hands on one. It's called Winbot. By a Chinese company called Ecovacs Robotics. Retail price? Around $350.
Consumer Extending cell phone battery life Extending cell phone battery life (Video)
Phone batteries always seem to run out when you need them! To the rescue-smart phone cases with a built in battery. The cases promise to protect your phone and add extra battery life. Consumer Reports tested four made for popular phones and found they all work well.
Consumer The right kitty litter can make all the difference The right kitty litter can make all the difference
When it comes to their bathroom, a lot of cats are very particular. They might like one kind of kitty litter and turn up their noses at another.

“A lot of cats don't like the really strong scents," said Mikkel Becker, a local pet trainer who writes for
Consumer What to buy at Costco What to buy at Costco (Video)
Looking to load up on bargains at a warehouse store? Joining Costco can lead to big savings in your household budget, but it's important to know what to get and what to forget when you're filling your cart.
Consumer Technology needed to help prevent hot car heat stroke in cars Technology needed to help prevent hot car heat stroke in cars
44 children died last year from heat stroke inside cars. Accidentally leaving a child behind in a hot car has happened to parents from all walks of life-a CEO of a hospital, a vice principal, a preacher and so many others. Fatigue, anxiety or distractions can throw anyone's life off course.
Consumer Health insurance for college students
There's a lot to do before your son or daughter heads off to college. One of those things on your checklist should be health in insurance. You need to make sure your child is covered by the family policy.