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Consumer Pocket Hose Ultra: Does it work any better? Pocket Hose Ultra: Does it work any better?(Video)
When expanding garden hoses first hit the market they seemed like the perfect alternative to traditional hoses, which can be heavy and cumbersome. The light- weight hoses expand when you turn on the water, then contract when you turn the water off. But after complaints about leaks, the makers of Pocket Hose- touted as the top selling expanding hose brand- are offering a new and improved version called Pocket Hose Ultra.
Consumer Why you can forget about Ginkgo Why you can forget about Ginkgo
Ginkgo Biloba is one of the best-known and most widely-used herbal supplements. It's supposed to do all sorts of things, but most people who take it hope to sharpen their memory and concentration.
Consumer Help for getting passwords under control Help for getting passwords under control(Video)
Cyber thieves are always looking for a new scam to steal your personal data. One of the best ways to protect yourself online is using strong passwords. But who can remember all of those passwords?
Consumer Temporary tattoos not necessarily harmless Temporary tattoos not necessarily harmless(Video)
When a local boy got a $5, temporary tattoo in April- he never dreamed he'd end up at the doctor's office with what might end up bring a permanent scar. Now, he and his mother want other families to know that henna tattoos are not necessarily risk- free.
Consumer Bug repellent safety Bug repellent safety(Video)
Summer is around the corner, and so are swarms of insects. Consumer Reports has some important advice on how to avoid bug bites and at the same time limit exposure to potentially dangerous chemicals in insect repellents.
Consumer Products that promise to spruce up your car Products that promise to spruce up your car(Video)
Warmer weather usually means spring-cleaning, and that goes for your car as well. Washing is easy, but if the trim is dull or the paint is scratched, it won't look great. Consumer Reports tested products meant to keep your trim looking new.
Consumer 'Tech Support'  scams accelerate 'Tech Support' scams accelerate(Video)
You never know how much you need what's in your computer, until you can't use it. Don Poenitsch and his wife just got their laptop out of the repair shop, after Don got conned. He's one of the latest victims of the "Tech Support" I've warned about numerous times over the years.