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Consumer Costco vs Sam's Club Costco vs Sam's Club (Video)
If you don't mind giant sizes and you have room to store boatloads of things such as paper towels, warehouse clubs are a popular shopping option. But how do you decide which to join? Consumer Reports compared the two biggest-Costco and Sam's Club.
Consumer Insider tips for home buyers and sellers Insider tips for home buyers and sellers (Video)
Some 5 million homes are expected to change hands this year, according to the National Association of Realtors. That's up about 30 percent since the depths of the recession. If you're thinking of buying or selling a home, Consumer Reports' survey of real estate agents gives you insider tips on how to negotiate the best deal.
Consumer Fur Erase: Does it work? Fur Erase: Does it work? (Video)
There are a lot of great things about owning a dog or a cat, but dealing with pet hair all over your furniture is definitely not one of them. Fur Erase is a lint roller and brush combination that claims to be perfect for removing pet hair. 8 year old Jonah volunteered his dog Marla to help put Fur Erase to the test.
Consumer How not to treat a cold How not to treat a cold (Video)
Cold season is in full swing, and many people turn to so-called "natural" remedies to try to prevent colds or ease symptoms. Consumer Reports reviewed studies on zinc and found that while it can shorten the duration of a cold slightly, it does nothing for the severity of the symptoms. And there can be side effects, including nausea, stomach cramps and diarrhea. Over the long term, too much zinc may increase your risk for prostate cancer and neurological problems.
Consumer Junk foods in the dairy case? Junk foods in the dairy case? (Video)
The dairy case is bulging with new products that seem like tasty ways to get more protein, calcium, and other nutrients into your diet. But Consumer Reports ShopSmart magazine says that many are just surprise junk foods.
Consumer Consumer Reports: Travel Club Gotchas Consumer Reports: Travel Club Gotchas
Expensive vacations to exotic places often seem out of reach. So many people join travel clubs, which promise years of discounted airfare, hotels and dining.
Consumer Portable smart phone chargers Portable smart phone chargers (Video)
Nothing says misery like being out and about, away from a power source, and your phone goes dead. Lots of companies are tapping into that fear, producing products for portable power.