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Consumer Tax ID theft: What to do Tax ID theft: What to do(Video)
We're hearing from more local families whose social security information was stolen from the data base at the Archdiocese of Seattle. New victims appear to be discovering the fraud daily. Many are not sure what to do, or what to expect- now that thieves have filed taxes in their name.
Consumer Don't get trapped by advertising tricks Don't get trapped by advertising tricks(Video)
Deceptive advertising generally violates the law, but regulators can't monitor everything. So it's up to shoppers to read the fine print. Especially, Consumer Reports cautions when they see certain advertising terms.
Consumer More vigilance needed after Target data breach More vigilance needed after Target data breach(Video)
If you were one of the millions of victims of the recent raid of payment card and personal information at Target stores there is additional reason for concern. Target says it is offering "peace of mind" against identity theft threat with free credit monitoring from Experian. But Consumer Reports says that's not enough.
Consumer Best local window installers Best local window installers(Video)
There's no such thing as a simply getting new windows. You have to decide on materials, installation technique, manufacturer, and most importantly, the installer. Researchers at surveyed thousands of local window customers about the quality of knowledge, advice, workmanship, and overall performance- of more than 2 dozen window installation companies in the Puget Sound region.
Consumer Fraud Watch Network: New tool helps head off scammers Fraud Watch Network: New tool helps head off scammers(Video)
Jackie Swett never dreamed she'd spend a rainy day in March walking through the Museum of Flight, but she didn't go for the vintage airplanes. Swett got up early to attend a special anti- fraud presentation called Scam Jam- about scams, fraud and how to avoid being a victim. She had a special reason for attending, because the 50 year old computer newbie learned she fits the unique profile of a likely victim of online fraud.