Kajmere's "Summer and Beyond" Top 100 List

1. Go shopping spree with my mom's.
2. Go to a pro baseball game with my family
3. Go Fishing with my family
4. Go Sailing (ACCOMPLISHED! Thanks Angela)
5. Get a Henna tattoo.
6. Get my ears pierced one more time. (ACCOMPLISHED! )
7. Learn to ride my bike. (ACCOMPLISHED!)
8. Learn to swim above water.
9. See how candy is made at a factory.
10. Go in a hot air balloon.(ACCOMPLISHED! Thanks Kris, Darren, Michelle & Lacey)
11. Pick a tattoo for my mom's to remember me by.
12. Make cotton candy.
13. Go to the candy shop and get one of everything.
14. Make a new Ben and Jerry's Ice cream.
15. Name a star after myself. (ACCOMPLISHED! Thanks Mikkie)
16. Learn to sew.( In process and am making a dress)
17. Learn how to make cherry pie with my Grandma.
18. Go to an Atrium.
19. Go to a beach and pick up seashells and cool rocks. (ACCOMPLISHED!)
20. Hang Gliding if they let kids.
21. Meet Zoo Animals Up Close.
22. Go camping with family and friends. (ACCOMPLISHED!)
23. Go to a real Hawaiian luau.
24. Get real acrylic nails.
25. Meet Hannah Montana.
26. Be on the Hannah Montana show.
27. Meet Raven Simone.
28. Go see how glass is made with my family
29. Help find a cure for cancer.
30. Live Theater with my family
31. Learn to play football.
32. Go on a  safari with my family and friends
33. Go to a big water park with my family and friends
34. Go to High Tea with my grandma and mom's.
35. Have one of my dreams painted on canvas.
36. Have a photo shoot. (ACCOMPISHED! Thank You Erin)
37. Paint a mural on public property.
38. Get a pair of high heels in my size
39. Design and outfit and have it made. (i need to have them made now)
40. Learn to make my moms pot stickers. (ACCOMPLISHED!)
41. Get three pairs of hoop earrings...the big ones. (ACCOMPLISHED!)
42. Make Candles (ACCOMPLISHED!)
43. Meet my baby cousin Simon (ACCOMPLISHED!)
44. Visit a Waterfall
45. Meet the girl featured in my kid's bible: surfer Bethany Hamilton
46. Write and publish a book about my journey with cancer. X (writing)
47. Go to a mansion or a castle like the White House.
48. Go cart Racing with my family.
49. Ride in the biggest limo with my family.
50. Ride down a hill in those big balls with my mom's.
51. Float like and astronaut.
52. Learn Pottery.
53. Teach my dad to make jewelry. (ACCOMPLISHED!)
54. Go where my dad is. (ACCOMPLISHED!)
55. Have my dad come visit me.
56. Tie Dye clothing.
57. Have my whole body painted.
58. Read all of the Junie B. Jones books. (Only need 3 more books)
59. Go to High Tea
60. Have a sleep over with my friend Cora.
61. Make a necklace with 100 beads. (ACCOMPLSHED!)
62. See High School Musical 3.
63. Make my own candy. (ACCOMPLISHED!)
64. Learn how to Double Dutch.
65. Learn to tap dance with my Grandma.
66. Buy a fancy bra.
67. Go bowling with my family.
68. Go up in the Space Needle.
69. See the movie Kung Fu Panda
70. Ride on a Carousel again. (ACCOMPLISHED!)
71. Learn to make cherry pie with my Grandma.
72. Get a new wig, long, red, straight.
73. Go back to Disney World with my family.
74. Learn how to Ice Skate
75. Go to the city Pool.
76. Get Baptized (ACCOMPLISHED! Thank you Pastor Steve & Pastor Tony)
77. Visit Friends at the Hospital. (ACCOMPLISHED!)
78. Shave my head with my step mom in a cool design. (ACCOMPLISHED! Thanks Sharon)
79. Milk a cow.
80. Fly in a helicopter. (ACCOMPLISHED! Thanks KOMO Problem Solvers!)
81. Sky diving
82. Whale watching with my family.
83. Visit a rain forest.
84. Have team jerseys made with my name and lucky number on them
85. Get a pedicure. (ACCOMPLISHED! Thanks Latonya)
86. Go on a family cruise.
87. Have my own digital camera ( ACCOMPLISHED! Thanks Michelle)
88. Get a real cell phone (ACCOMPLISHED!)
89. See the real Ballet
90. Have my own laptop like my mom. ACCOMPLISHED! Thanks Paula
91. Learn to salsa dance (ACCOMPLISHED! Thanks Arthur Murray & Jay & Melanie)
92. Rock climbing
93. Go to the biggest aquarium in Georgia?
94. Have rocks tumbled
95. Learn to paint my own nails. (ACCOMPLISHED!)
96. Have my own superhero outfit made.
97. Have my art work made into real paintings or home decorations
98. Raise money for kids with cancer
99. Record one of my songs
100. Learn how to play tennis