Statement of Olympic Security Services

Statement of Olympic Security Services
Re: January 28 Assault in Metro Bus Tunnel

On Thursday, January 28, 2010, Olympic Security Services personnel under contract with King County witnessed an assault in the Westlake Station of the Metro Tunnel. As required, the guards immediately attempted to obtain police assistance. Security guards are unarmed and not permitted to take physical action during the course of their duties. An Olympic Security guard assisted the victim following the attack.

Olympic Security has reviewed this incident with King County Metro officials and agree with them that a review of policies and procedures is necessary in order to develop the best possible responses to incidents like the assault captured in the video.

Our review of the incident raised several issues. As the videotape shows, one of the guards is immediately on his radio seeking assistance. As the videotape also shows, this was not simply a fight between two persons. The first woman on the scene reported she had been followed by her assailant and her accomplices, and that she had spoken to the Seattle police about their presence. It is clear from the videotape that the assailant arrived on the scene accompanied by a number of others. The deterrent action, beyond reporting and requesting help, that can be legally taken by guards in this situation is limited.

In the past, our guards have been very effective in deterring fights when only two people were involved, by verbal intercession or acting as a physical buffer. When a situation has escalated like the one depicted in the videotape, these passive approaches are not effective.

Olympic Security Services has a long and successful record of providing guard services for many public and private organizations. We work closely with our clients to assure that our guards meet their needs. We have had a long, positive working relationship with King County Metro and will be fully engaged with them in developing policies and procedures that will more effectively address situations such as the incident that occurred on January 28.