Meet Washington State Patrol's 31 most-wanted felony suspects

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Iman Bayram O. Hasanov
  • Fernando Galvan
  • Gerardo Aguilar Figueroa
  • Gregorio Rios-Gonzalez
  • Iman Bayram O. Hasanov
  • Melinda M. Marshall
  • Rafael Lopez
  • Abimael Vasquez Saenz
Iman Bayram O. Hasanov
Kent resident Iman Bayram Hasanov, also known as Artem Avanessov or Mubariz Hasanov, was drunk driving in February 2009 when he drove through a construction zone, according to the Washington State Patrol. At the time, he had four prior DUI convictions and had been arrested for investigation of DUI only two months earlier.