Meet Washington State Patrol's 31 most-wanted felony suspects

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Reed Clanry Tilfas
  • Hipolito Gonzalez Prado
  • Jorge Alberto Gonzales-Perez
  • Kirkland David Ross
  • Reed Clanry Tilfas
  • Rigoberto Serrano Martinez
  • Jesus Cererion Galacia-Vasquez
  • Miguel Angel Zuniga Lozoya
Reed Clanry Tilfas
According to the Washington State Patrol, Reed Tilfas was station at Joint Base Lewis McChord in December 2008 when he was driving while intoxicated and hit another car, injuring its two occupants. He was scheduled to be deployed to Iraq in the coming months and reportedly went AWOL following the crash. He may be living in the Philippines or Micronesia.