Police: Chronic shoplifter could now face felony charges

SEATTLE -- A woman officers say has shown no regard for the law could now face felony charges after shoplifting from the same downtown store numerous times over the past two years despite multiple bans, according to the Seattle Police Department.

The suspect was arrested last Wednesday after trying to steal a $95 pair of gloves from the store in the 300 block of Pine Street, according to the police report filed for the incident. The suspect reportedly threatened to come back to the store every day to steal following her arrest.

Security staff at the store told officers the suspect is a chronic shoplifter at their store and has been banned many times. According to the report, she has shoplifted from the business without being caught multiple times this year and was caught shoplifting several times in 2012.

Most recently, security staff tried and failed to apprehend the suspect while she stole nearly $300 in North Face apparel less than a week prior to the Dec. 18 incident, according to the report.

Security staff told officers the suspect has said many times she doesn't care she is banned and is going to keep coming back. Security staff said the suspect has now cost the business thousands of dollars in damaged and stolen merchandise and man hours.

Because of the suspect's repeated offenses and lack of regard for her banned status or for the law, police are recommending she be charged with felony burglary instead of shoplifting, according to the report.

The suspect was booked into King County Jail, and the case was referred to the King County Prosecutor's Office.