Police: Man arrested for throwing crying baby down hallway

EVERETT, Wash. -- Police arrested an Everett man Wednesday in connection with assault of a child after the man reportedly admitted to throwing his girlfriend's 21-month-old child down a hallway because she was crying.

According to the Everett Police Department, the baby's mother brought her into the emergency room Dec. 8 because the baby was being fussy and had scrapes on her face.

The mother said her boyfriend's sister had been babysitting when she heard a commotion from the kitchen and found the baby with blood in its mouth, according to police. The child's mother said she arrived home from work and immediately brought it to the hospital.

But, the sister later denied babysitting the child. It turns out the mother's boyfriend, Ladd Lundeen, had been babysitting the girl, but the mother didn't want to admit that because he has a criminal history, according to police.

Lundeen reportedly told police he was angry after finding the baby crying in the kitchen from a fall, so he picked the baby up and threw it down the hallway, where it collided -- possibly face first -- with a door frame.

According to police, Lundeen picked the baby up again and threw her into her playpen, causing her to hit her face on the side of it.

The girl suffered broken bones in her leg and face and a possible abdominal injury, according to Children's Hospital staff. She also had rib fracture that was healing.

According to police, Lundeen admitted to causing that earlier rib fracture but wouldn't say how.

After that admission, the baby's mother told police she was concerned about Lundeen's mental state.

Lundeen has been booked into Snohomish County Jail.