Hope Solo: 'I definitely didn't fit into the Hollywood world'

Hope Solo: 'I definitely didn't fit into the Hollywood world'
What a schedule Hope Solo keeps!

On Friday, she'll rejoin the U.S. National Soccer team and face Sweden in a game on Saturday. Then she'll train for Olympic qualifying starts in January.

But today, she was back at home, talking about dancing.

"I mean, I learned a lot about reality television," said Solo.

For nine weeks, there was Seattle's Hope Solo, dancing her heart out.

"I definitely didn't fit into the Hollywood world," she said.

And she learned dancing has its pains.

"My body was sore. I pulled two muscles. I could barely walk; it was pretty intense, she said.

And then there were the growing pains of an athlete thrown headfirst into Hollywood on a very public stage.

"I'm not an entertainer. I'm not part of Hollywood. I'm not comfortable with the cameras on me 24/7," she said. "You know, it definitely showed my bad side, quite a bit. So there you go, America. I do curse from time to time. I do kick walls from time to time. Because I want to be the best I can be."

When Solo and her partner were in Seattle before the season started, she was very upfront: "I'm not a dancer." Looking back, she feels the same way.

"As an athlete, you think that if you work hard enough, you'll find a way. I know I'm not a great dancer, and I can barely walk in high heels. But I can compete, and I'll find a way. And I had that outlook early on, and I realized it's too intense for your general viewers who watch the show," she said.

Solo made it all the way to the semifinals, and was knocked off the show this week. But she says that's OK.

"I'm going to go back. And instead of trying to win the mirror ball, I'm going to try to win a gold medal," she said. "That's a good thing!"

It was tiring, and trying. But in spite of everything, Solo says, "What an experience!"

"I can't believe I pulled it off! I mean, I lasted to the semi-finals, which is pretty amazing. And I should be very proud of that," she said.

There was one final controversy at the end for Solo. Traditionally, the couples that get knocked off the show appear that night on "Jimmy Kimmel," and then the next morning on "The View" and "Good Morning America."

But Solo and her partner didn't show up on "Jimmy Kimmel", and critics said that showed poor sportsmanship.The truth is the network pulled the plug on them! Solo said she had her dress ready, and the network told her she was not going on the shows.