Mick Jagger's hair sold for $6,000 for charity

Mick Jagger's hair sold for $6,000 for charity
Mick Jagger of Rolling Stones performs at British Summer Time at Hyde Park in London on Saturday, July 6, 2013. (Photo by Jon Furniss/Invision/AP Images)

How much would you pay for a piece of rock history? What if that piece of rock history was a lock of Mick Jagger's hair?

An auction house in London says an anonymous buyer purchased the hair, which was sold by Jagger's former girlfriend Chrissie Shrimpton, for $6,000. 

Bonhams has a photo of the hair on their website. The hair came with a hand-written note claiming the hair had washed, and that it was the product of a trim by Shrimpton. The auction house had this to say about it:

The statement, from Chrissie Shrimpton, confirms that, unbeknown to her at the time, this lock was saved by her grandmother when Mick and Chrissie were staying at her parents' farm. Apparently, on her grandmother's death, the hair passed to Chrissie's aunt and when she died, the hair was returned to Chrissie by a cousin taking care of personal effects.

The auction was part of a fundraiser for Changing Faces, a charity that helps individuals with facial disfigurements.