Police rearrest man accused in feces attack

SEATTLE -- A man accused of attacking his neighbor with a bucket of feces, urine and vomit last week was rearrested Tuesday night, three days after he failed to show for a required court appearance.

Ronald V. Ellis, 69, is now being held in the King County Jail on $10,000 bail for investigation of assault.

The attack occurred the night of Aug. 8 in a stairwell at a South Seattle public housing apartment complex near Beacon Hill. Officers arrived to find a woman's clothes soaked with urine. There was fecal matter on her back and vomit in her hair, and responding officers wrote in their report that the stench was so bad it was difficult to interview the victim.

The victim, Cheri Monson, said her attacker lives three floors below in the apartment complex. She said he called her to report that something appeared wrong with her car. Nothing was, but as she returned from the parking lot she was attacked in the stairwell.

According to the police report, the pair had a history of arguments. Monson said it began with words and spilled over into action with marks left on her door. Then came the unthinkable.

Ellis was arrested for investigation of assault Wednesday night, but was released Thursday. Court records show he has a previous conviction for domestic violence assault in 1998.