Woman in jaywalking case gets community service

Woman in jaywalking case gets community service
SEATTLE - The 19-year-old woman who was charged with obstructing a police officer in connection with a highly publicized jaywalking incident near Franklin High School in June has agreed to do 24 hours of community service as part of an agreement she and her attorneys reached with the City Attorney's Office.

Marilyn Levias can have the charge dismissed in a year if she doesn't break the law in the meantime and completes the community service time. Her jaywalking charge was dismissed.

"Civilians must comply with instructions from police officers," City Attorney Pete Holmes said in a statement. "It's a just result that Ms. Levias will perform community service rather than go to jail. This is a teachable moment for our young people, our community and our government."

An assault charge is still pending against her friend, 17-year-old Angel Rosenthal, who was punched by Officer Ian Walsh after she intervened in the arrest.

The incident was captured on video that went viral across the Internet and has been shown on TV newscasts and talk shows nationwide. Angel later apologized to the officer during a private meeting.

She remains free on her own recognizance.

The punching episode began when Officer Walsh spotted four young women jaywalking. Walsh asked the group to step over to his patrol car, but the women were being "verbally antagonistic toward the officer," according to officials.

Police said Levias was resisting when Walsh tried to place handcuffs on her. Officials said Angel intervened and placed her hands on Walsh's arm, "causing the officer to believe she was attempting to physically affect the first subject's escape," police said.

Walsh pushed Angel, but she came back at him, police said. Walsh then punched her, police said.

KOMO News typically does not name juveniles charged with a crime, but has made an exception in this case since Angel's name has been released by the Seattle Police Department and multiple media outlets.