Police: Attacker threw acid in woman's face

Police: Attacker threw acid in woman's face
VANCOUVER, Wash. – A bizarre attack sent a Vancouver woman to the hospital on Monday and police said they believe her attacker threw some kind of acid in her face.

Bethany Storro had no idea who the woman was who attacked her and no idea why someone picked her for an attack.

Storro, 28, doesn’t usually wear sunglasses but she bought a pair about an hour before the attack. Those glasses may have saved her eyesight.

She had stopped to get a coffee at a Starbucks near Esther Short Park at 8th and Columbia and was getting something out of her car when a woman came up and asked her if she wanted a drink.

Storro decline and that’s when she was hit with a cup of some sort of acid, burning her face and clothes.

Her family says she’s stable and is keeping a positive attitude. They say they are trying to make some sense of what happened.

“Who wakes up in the morning and says, ‘I’m going to go and burn somebody’s face with acid?’” said Storro’s mother, Nancy Neuwelt. “It’s
pretty bizarre. I don’t know what kind of a person - obviously, there’s something wrong. But we’re going to do what we need to do.”

Police don’t have any suspects.

The incident happened just after 7 p.m. Monday night, and police are hoping someone who was in the area at the time may remember seeing what happened and call them with a tip.

Storro is recovering at the burn center at Legacy Emanuel Hospital.