Seattle makes do with yet another soggy holiday

Seattle makes do with yet another soggy holiday »Play Video
A skimboarder makes the best of a dreary day at Dash Point State Park in Federal Way, Wash. on Monday, September 6, 2010.
SEATTLE -- What do you call two days of rain in Seattle? A weekend. What do you call three days of rain? A holiday weekend.

OK, so it hasn't officially rained on all three days of the Labor Day weekend -- Sunday counted dry at Sea-Tac Airport -- but you could forgive the masses if they missed that minor detail as generally speaking, Seattle is a perfect 4-for-4 in having it rain on our big summer events.

Memorial Day? 0.31 inches of rain, a high of 65.

Fourth of July? 0.11 inches of rain, a high of 65.

Seafair Sunday? 0.19 inches of rain, a high of 66 (heat wave!)

And now Labor Day: 0.04 inches of rain as of noon Monday with more rain on the way, and temperatures will be lucky to hit 60.

It's as if the sun takes the holiday off with the rest of us -- a cruel blow considering aside from two stretches of 90-degree weather, the sun has been in short supply this summer. Seattle has had just 20 days over 80 (we average 25) and only 13 days between 72-78 degrees, which is the summer average high temperature. Speaking of average, the average high in Seattle in June through August this year? 72 degrees -- about 1.4 degrees below normal.

"I don't know... (summer) never even began," said Michelle McGarrigle who was hanging out at Dash Point State Park.

For many determined to make the most of the holiday weekend, rain or not, that park was a popular place as Monday is the last day before it shuts down for 8 months. The State will spend the time clearing trees and laying new sewage lines.

Rain on a summer holiday is certainly not new around Seattle -- since 1984, there have only been four years where it's been dry on Memorial Day, July 4th and Labor Day in the same summer (1984, 2004, 2005 and 2008) but this is like the first time in a long time that we managed to get rain on every single one -- plus the main Seafair event day to boot! In fact, not counting SeaFair, this is only the third time since 1948 that it has rained on all three holidays in the same summer (1980 and 1956 were the only other years for the holiday rainfall hat trick.)

Long range forecasts suggest we'll remain in cool and occasionally showery pattern for the next few weeks. After this summer began featuring Seattle's latest ever date to its first 75 degree day, it might make you wonder if we're giving up on the 75s somewhat early this year too. But as last year's 87 degree day on Sept. 22 proved -- summer can still make a late appearance -- and hey, there are no holidays to get in the way!