Spider invasion creeps out Western Washington

Spider invasion creeps out Western Washington »Play Video
A Western Washington spider lurks in his web.
They're everywhere - on bushes, trees, porches, decks - and even inside homes.

Spiders are literally creeping out of the woodwork across Western Washington, in huge numbers. A lot of people are talking about it and wondering why.

Andrew Wikstrom is one homeowner who has the willies over the eight-legged arachnids. They are popping up all around his West Seattle house.

"Mostly when I am sitting outside, I am seeing a lot of spiders crawling around the deck, - a lot of webs, occasional egg nests, they're just creeping up a lot more than they used to," he says.

So much that it looks like a spider invasion all over our area. The webs are just about everywhere.

KOMO News wanted to find out why it seems they're all over. So we asked Sue Andersen, Woodland Park Zoo bug specialist.

"In late summer, early fall, mainly August and September. A lot of our native spiders are maturing so they're bigger and people are noticing them more," she says.

And most of the spiders you see are males looking for a hot date.

"They're looking for a female spider. And what they want to do is that they're searching around," says Sue.

She says spiders are not a web of trouble. There are benefits for us to tolerate them in our homes.

"The spiders are good. They keep out insect pests. When people are bitten it's something like a mosquito," she says.

Sue loves them, but for Andrew ...

"As far as inside the house, I'm not cool with that," he says.

Most people agree with him.

While you can't completely keep them out of your place, you can fill all the cracks and open spaces around your home. And experts say you won't see many of them once the colder weather sets in.