Public park? Or place for anonymous sex?

Public park? Or place for anonymous sex? »Play Video
SEATTLE - A West Seattle grandmother says she is furious after she and her 3-year-old grandson stumbled onto men having sex in a public park.

KOMO 4 News went to investigate Westcrest Park around noon last week. We watched men arrive alone, go to the park's main trail and then almost immediately duck into the woods.

Sometimes they didn't come out alone. We couldn't be sure what they were doing, but the woman who e-mailed insists she knows.

"This is unacceptable," said the woman, who we agreed to keep anonymous due to her fear of retaliation.

The woman says the park is more like a motel for gay men. There have been three times now while walking the trails with her dog she's caught men in the act.

"What I believe I have seen are two men engaging in the act of sexual activity," she said.

The third time, her 3-year-old grandson saw it too.

"One day as we're walking along we look over and there again are two men, and what drew our attention was a certain noise which I would rather not go into great detail about."

We tried to confront one man we spotted standing alone deep in the woods, but he took off running.

I asked another man who came out of the woods alone: "Do you mind if I ask you what's so interesting down those trails? I see a lot of men going in and out of there." He offered an insult, but no information.

I asked two more men about it, and they said they were just listening to music.

"Did you see anything interesting or unusual? " I asked. "People walking dogs, there's no like sexual activity if that's what you're thinking."

Keep in mind, I never asked him about sex -- just any unusual activity.

Why are they here? Perhaps for what we found on Craigslist. There are personal ads under men seeking men for sex at Westcrest Park.

We checked with officials at Seattle's police headquarters, and they said they weren't aware of complaints about sex in the park and said they'd check with the local precinct.

But the Seattle Parks Department is happy we called, and told us it will beef up security.

"It's frustrating to us; we wish that it wasn't happening," says Joelle Ligon with Seattle Parks and Recreation Department.

But stopping it won't be easy. Ligon says the department no enforcement power and only three security staff to patrol 6,200 acres of property. They rely on park goers to call 911.

Ligon insists they'll get Craigslist to take the personal ads off their site. When we checked Craigslist a day later, we found another personal ad -- this one warning men having sex in the park about our KOMO News report and telling them to be careful.

And Westcrest isn't the only park with a problem. The city says it's in the process of changing lighting and locking bathrooms at the Georgetown Playfield because of complaints of men having sex in the bathrooms.