Fallen officer's memorial: 'The tears still sting'

Fallen officer's memorial: 'The tears still sting'
SEATTLE - A memorial to fallen Seattle police officer Timothy Brenton was dedicated in a special ceremony Sunday - at the exact location where he was shot dead in his patrol car exactly one year ago.

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The beautiful autumn day clouded over as the ceremony began - almost mirroring the emotions that so many felt on this spot a year ago.

Among those in attendance was Brenton's widow, Lisa. She wore all white and her slain husband's badge, and she sat in the front row along with her two children during the service.

The service brought out hundreds from across the community - police officers, local residents, even strangers, to the intersection of of East Yesler Way and 29th Avenue - recalling a difficult moment in this city's history.

"Even after a year, the tears still sting," said Seattle Police Chief John Diaz. "The horror, the shock, and the disbelief at his loss remain. The pain and the sorrow linger."

Brenton was gunned down on Halloween night in 2009. The Leschi Community Council has worked since then to create a memorial to him.

It is a stone police badge with a black stone swath across it, remembering the fallen officer, and it has his badge number at the bottom.

One of the people who spoke Sunday remarked that this shows the community can come together shoulder to shoulder, person to person, amid such tragedy.

Officer Brenton's widow did not speak during the service, but went Halloween trick-or-treating with her children, Quinn and Kayleigh, here later Sunday as a thank-you to what this community has shown her family.

"They appreciated what he did as much as I appreciated what a good husband and human being he was," she said.


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