Son fights off armed man burglarizing parents' home

Son fights off armed man burglarizing parents' home »Play Video
Jans Beeder
SEATTLE -- A father and son fought off a would be burglar inside their Fremont home last Monday, and even managed to take away the burglar's gun.

Jens Beeder lives right next door to his mom and stepdad. After returning to his home late Halloween night around 12:30 a.m., he noticed a man taking stuff out his parents' house and putting it into a Land Rover parked in their driveway. He immediately realized something was wrong and decided to take action.

But instead of just calling 911, he decided to make sure this crook would never get away.

"I got into my girlfriend's car, and... I pulled up behind the Land Rover so that the thieves couldn't escape," Beeder said.

His mom and step-dad sleep in a bedroom in their basement. They say the burglar climbed in through a window on the main floor and initially went upstairs. He stayed in the house for 30 minutes before venturing into the basement. And when Judy Thompsen opened her bedroom door, she came face-to-face with him.

"I said 'What are you doing, what are you doing in my house?' " Thompsen said.

Looking through a window, Beeder noticed his mom in a dangerous situation.

"And I just charged in... just grabbed him bear-hug style, and I slammed him against the sink here," Beeder said. "He was trying to pull something out of his pocket -- he had a gun! I grabbed the barrel of the gun and slammed it against the sink... and he was yelling, 'in the name of Jesus, let me go before someone gets killed!' "

Beeder says the burglar lost his footing and Beeder slammed him on the ground.

"And I grabbed the gun out of his hand and he took off running out here towards the driveway," Beeder continued.

The burglar got back into his car and grabbed a rifle, and pointed at Beeder through the windshield. But the only problem was he couldn't go anywhere.

Beeder's stepdad says the burglar yelled, "Will you please move your car?"

"Jens had blocked him in with another vehicle," Kirk Jolley said.

By then, police arrived and arrested the burglar. Beeder says he didn't think about the consequences; he just reacted.

"I knew I had to win this fight, there was no question about it," Beeder said. "I didn't wanna be a victim in this case, I wanted him to be accountable for this."

Thompsen says she's so grateful that her son was so clear thinking.

"You know, he thought to do those things and he just followed his intuition," she said.

Police identified the suspect as Tyler Thomas Price. Detectives say they recovered stolen ID's, credit cards and drugs from his vehicle.

Price is now charged with four counts including burglary, and is also a suspect in another break in. He's currently being held in the King County Jail.