Humane Society demands investigation into shooting of dog

Humane Society demands investigation into shooting of dog »Play Video
DES MOINES, Wash. -- The Seattle Humane Society is demanding an investigation after a family dog was shot and killed by police in Des Moines.

The controversy began Sunday when officers shot the Newfoundland named Rosie after she slipped out of her owner's yard. Someone in the neighborhood had called 911 after they saw Rosie wandering and running into traffic.

Des Moines Sgt. Bob Collins said officers tried to help Rosie, but every time they got close to the 200-pound dog, "the dog would actually approach them and show its teeth."

But Lola Perry, whose backyard was where Rosie was eventually shot, says the shooting should never have happened.

"I was shocked to see an assault rifle," Perry said. "I was shocked to see 3 police officers aiming their guns at a dog that was a huge dog, but I mean the dog was no threat."

She says the dog wasn't aggressive at all.

"It didn't appear dangerous. She appeared afraid, because she immediately hid from me."

Perry said she tried to lure Rosie with treats, when she suddenly spotted officers in her yard.

"It was shocking to see an officer walk through the front gate with a handgun," she said.

Perry claims at the time she said police arrived at her house, her gate was closed and Rosie was inside and had no way of getting out.

Collins said the bottom line was that the officer believed his safety and the general public's safety was in jeopardy.

"And the officer decided to take lethal force," he said.

The Humane Society is now demanding answers. In a letter to the Des Moines City Council, the Humane Society says "it believes the city owes the community an investigation and explanation" saying this "killing appears wholly unnecessary."

Perry says she didn't think that things were thought through before decisions were made.

The city of Des Moines say the police department is investigating, but that it may be several weeks before it's complete.

Meanwhile, a memorial is planned for Rosie. An announcement on Facebook states that on Sunday at 2 p.m., members of the Newfoundland Club of Seattle will join with the local community at 16th Ave S between 268th and 272nd St in Des Moines to "remember Rosie and to show support for both the Wright family, Rosie's owners, and for Lora Perry and her family who were the unfortunate witnesses to this tragedy."