Accused cop killer's arrest audio: 'He's running! ... Shots fired!'

Accused cop killer's arrest audio: 'He's running! ... Shots fired!' »Play Video
Officers gather evidence at Christopher Monfort's apartment in Tukwila after his arrest on Nov. 6, 2009.
SEATTLE - It was a dramatic moment in Seattle - on the very afternoon when thousands were watching Officer Timothy Brenton's memorial service on Nov. 6, 2009, detectives were homing in on the suspect in his killing.

Now, for the first time, the voices of those detectives can be heard - on an audiotape released Friday by the Seattle police.

The tape shows that the surveillance of Christopher Monfort turned from low-profile to critical in a heartbeat - as police scrambled to get manpower to the scene.

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Chatter from the audio shows that the operation began as a simple surveillance operation as detectives staked out an apartment building where a car matching the suspect's vehicle was parked.

Just that morning, detectives had received a tip that a light-colored Datsun 210 - just like the one reportedly connected to Officer Brenton's murder - belonged to a Christopher Monfort - and he'd just started covering it with a tarp.

As Seattle and Tukwila detectives kept watch over the apartment complex's parking lot, the audio crackled to life as Monfort suddenly appeared on the scene.

A transcript of the police audio graphically demonstrates what followed:

"Subject at the target door," one officer says into his mic.

"He come out of 402?" asks another officer.

"Yes, coming down my stairwell."

"He's walking my direction so I'm driving out. SPD, if you guys are monitoring I've got that subject matching the description."

"Do you have adequate resources to safely approach and detain?"

"Negative - two undercover detectives."

Then the situation hit hyperdrive.

"He's running, he's running! We need patrol units here."

Three Seattle detectives followed Monfort back to his apartment ....

"He pulled his gun out, he tried to fire it."

"He's on the fourth deck, he pulled his gun out, he tried to fire it."

And then...

"Shots fired, shots fired - aid rolling."

"We need uniforms up here, equipped with vests - they've got subject down on the third deck."

The call went out for help and police poured onto the scene as detectives secured Monfort.

"Suspect secured - do you want aid to enter?"

"No. The perimeter's not secured yet - we're outside the suspects apartment. Four Comm One - coming out with the suspect now."

The audio tapes match the information detectives later gave investigators - that Monfort allegedly aimed and tried to fire a gun at one of the detectives - before three detectives all shot at Monfort.

Monfort was injured and partially paralyzed by the shooting, and is now confined to a wheelchair.

Also on Friday, for the first time, police released 1,200 pages of documents related to the case.

Among those documents are photos of Brenton's police cruiser taken on the night of his killing, Oct. 31, 2009. Police say Monfort fired six shots.

Officer Britt Sweeney, who was sitting in the patrol car with Brenton, ducked forward, and at least one bullet grazed her vest.

The crime scene log reveals dozens of officers responded. Many heard only two words from Sweeney over the radio: "Help me."

Within days, a witness gave officers the clues they needed about the suspect's car after an expert who watched video from the shooting scene said the suspect was likely driving an early '80s Datsun 210.

Documents also show that police quickly searched the shooting area for explosives - perhaps already connecting the shooting suspect to an October 2009 firebombing of Seattle police vehicles.

Prosecutors allege Monfort waged a one-man war on cops.

A search of his apartment later found a huge stash of ammunition, bomb-making materials and newspaper clippings about the patrolc ar firebombings.

Among the weapons were two long rifles, including a military-style assault rifle. Components for improvised explosive devices were also found.


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