Rivers receding as heavy rains wind down

Rivers receding as heavy rains wind down »Play Video
SEATTLE -- Flood warnings remain in effect for several rivers throughout Western Washington, but floodwaters are receding will continue to drop throughout the day.

Warnings are still in place for the Snohomish River, Snoqualmie River and Cedar River, and roads along those rivers were blocked in many places.

We'll see some rain at times on Tuesday, but it won't be the steady precipitation that drenched the area over the weekend and contributed to the flooding.

In Duvall on Monday night firefighters had to rescue a man who became trapped while trying to paddle a raft across floodwaters to his home near Duvall.

The man was clinging to a tree near 268th NE and State Route 203 when firefighters arrived just after 9 p.m. Crews were able to get a rescue boat to him and bring him to safety.

"I just got stuck about a hundred feet out there. I just got lucky and got a hold of the tree before I floated out into those fields," said the rescued man, Ray Weiss. "My friends have been taking boats across this water. I had a little bit of bad luck. I couldn't tell how high the water was."

Wednesday should be mostly dry in the Puget Sound area with a partly sunny afternoon, but the rain returns Thursday and Friday.

The weekend should kick off with a mainly dry start on Saturday morning, followed by another chance for rain late Saturday night into Sunday.