Mary Kay Letourneau now a grandmother

Mary Kay Letourneau now a grandmother
SEATTLE -- The former Highline School District teacher who was jailed and gained international attention for her sexual relationship with an underage student is now a grandmother.

Mary Kay Letourneau, now 48, was convicted of raping her former sixth-grade student, Vili Fualaau, who she later married after she was released from prison.

The couple says they're focused on their family life with the addition of a granddaughter, born to Letourneau's oldest son from her first marriage.

"It's just a big joy and a blessing to have a newborn in the family," Fualaau told KOMO News.

The baby girl is not in the care of Letourneau and Fualaau, but the girl's parents live nearby and are able to visit frequently, Letourneau said.

Letourneau and Fualaau have two daughters -- a 13 year old and 12 year old -- and said they are very happy about the addition to their extended family. Letourneau's granddaughter is a reminder that they want to try to have as normal a family life as possible, they said.

"We're both so busy with our girls. I didn't realize how much you really have to be on your toes with teenagers," said Letourneau.

The couple said they are still recognized when they go out in public and people actually stop to ask for their autographs.

"We do think that's silly," Letourneau said.

Fualaau, now 27, works as a DJ and Letourneau works for a local attorney.