'It does something that makes a difference'

'It does something that makes a difference'
When the holiday shopping frenzy kicks into high gear, people will scramble for the hottest toys and edgiest electronics.

But in the World Vision gift catalog, "the most popular one is our goat," describes Dan Berggren.

The goat goes to a family in another part of the world. Your loved one gets a card that explains the donation made in his or her name. That's it. That's the gift.

"At first you don't see anything under the tree and you're thinking, 'where's my gift?' " says World Vision's John Yeager. "And then you read into it, you realize it really does something good. It does something that makes a difference. A real difference."

Yeager has seen that difference up close with families around the world who know their livestock or their clean water came through the gift catalog.

"It's been gradual growth until the last couple of years," says Berggren. "In 2006 we were fortunate to raise $10 million through the gift catalog. This past year we raised over $18 million."

Medical Teams International also has a gift catalog, and that's how Chris Warjone shops.

"All of our lives are blessed. We've been very blessed. And if we can give, why wouldn't we give?" she says.

Seven dollars buys an infant's medical care in Afghanistan. Seventy-five dollars pays for dental care here at home.

"Compared to what most people have around the world, we all have this over abundance of things, material things," says Lee Keller, of Medical Teams. "I know it's a decision I've made this year, to give in an alternative way. We don't need more things."

But people in other parts of the world need things.

And you can help them by buying something for your friend who has everything and at the same time, for the stranger who has nothing.

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