Wife of M's outfielder Bradley files for divorce, claims abuse

Wife of M's outfielder Bradley files for divorce, claims abuse
Milton Bradley
SEATTLE - Mariners outfielder Milton Bradley has been served with divorce paperwork and his wife has accused him of abusing her during their five-year marriage.

Legal paperwork filed in the case includes a claim that Bradley threw a glass at Monique Bradley while they were staying at a New York City hotel on New Year's Eve.

The glass hit his wife in the head, injuring her and causing bleeding. In court filings, she says Bradley threw the glass after yelling and cursing at her for five minutes.

According to the report "hotel security knocked on the hotel room door as she was in the bathroom trying to stop the bleeding, but Milton said there was no problem and Monique didn’t go to the hospital."

The divorce filing was first reported by radaronline.com, a celebrity news website.

Bradley also was arrested in Los Angeles on a felony charge in January and released from jail on $50,000 bail. Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department booking records did not specify the nature of the charge.

Bradley spent two weeks away from the Mariners last May to deal with emotional issues. He has played for eight clubs in 11 major league seasons marked by boorish behavior, suspensions and repeated run-ins with umpires and managers.

During spring training last year, Bradley called himself the Kanye West of baseball. He was acquired by the Mariners from the Cubs in a December 2009 trade and has one season remaining on the $30 million, three-year contract he signed with Chicago.

The Mariners' front office says it has no comment on the latest developments.