Man, angry over hiked parking rate, hangs sign cursing mayor

Man, angry over hiked parking rate, hangs sign cursing mayor »Play Video
Ty Myers is seen standing outside his shop, Fenix Tattoo, on Wednesday, March 16, 2011.
SEATTLE -- The F-word is on full display in Seattle's Pioneer Square, and the hiked parking rate is to blame.

"People are pissed. Everybody's pissed," said Ty Myers.

Myers is so pissed that he put his sentiments in bold black letters, in poster-sized print and hung it on the window of his shop, Fenix Tattoos. Punctuating his parking protest sign is a loaded message to Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn, complete with an expletive.

The sign reads: "Parking: $3.50 Small business: $0.00 (expletive) you, Mayor McGinn."

"Our local government is going to screw us. We're the little guys," said Myers.

The shop owner said he has no fear in using the F-word.

"No, this is America. I still got a right to speech, right? First amendment still exists here, maybe, right?" he said.

Myer fears the hike in the parking fee hike will mean a slump in his business. He says shops will lose customers, because patrons won't want pay more to park downtown.

"We've got to start cutting from the top. I'm the American dream right here. I work hard everyday. I work seven days a week. I'm the American dream," he said.

During the day, the sign raised a few eyebrows. And by nightfall, passersby were taking notice and some were even expressing their support.

"I hate paying for parking," said Jon Pierson. "Right now, I try to stay over toward UW, because I can get free parking over there."

The city says higher rates will increase turnover and lead to more customers visiting shops. And after receiving complaints, the city amended the hiked fee in Pioneer Square from $4 an hour to $3.50.

But the cut doesn't cut it for Myers.

"But if you're going to kick me in the teeth every time I try to do something, then I might as well pack my bags, man," he said.

The sign would go with him, but his sentiment to the man in charge remains the same: "You're an idiot."

The owner admits he might be breaking some signage rules, but says he will keep it up as long as he can.

The mayor's office could not be reached for comment.