This is April? Lightning, hail and even snow pays a visit

This is April? Lightning, hail and even snow pays a visit
Lake Stevens Snow
SEATTLE -- Is it really April? I mean, Easter stuff is out, St. Patrick's decorations are safely in storage, "March Madness" is over and the Mariners are playing games that count.

And yet, when some people looked out the window Wednesday morning, it was a flashback to winter.

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A pesky Puget Sound Convergence Zone formed in the pre-dawn hours and brought areas of hail, ice pellets and even good old-fashioned snow to parts of Snohomish County.

Jackie Gabbard in Granite Falls reported of about 1/2" to 3/4" of snow on the ground at her home. While others in Mukilteo, Everett, Snohomish, Silver Lake and Lake Stevens reported light accumulations of hail or ice pellets.

The Convergence Zone was just the appetizer for some more active weather that moved in during the afternoon.

More hail storms were reported in Bremerton, Auburn, and Edmonds as the commute got under way. Meanwhile, thunder was heard across Downtown Seattle and Redmond.

As the storm moved east and reached the foothills, it dumped quite a bit of snow -- even light accumulations were reported in Issaquah and Snoqualmie Ridge.

The rest of the evening will see continued scattered showers and thunderstorms with any storms bringing small hail, ice pellets, heavy rain and gusty winds -- maybe even a little wet snow in the higher elevations.

Meanwhile, Seattle's high temperature Wednesday was only in the mid 40s -- the sixth straight day of April highs below 50 and the first time ever that we have started the month with six days in the 40s. The record for consecutive days under 50 at any point in April is seven, set April 5-11, 1945.

The showers will decrease overnight but snow levels could drop as low as 1,000 feet meaning a few of our highest hilltops could see a little wet snow here and there. But no snow expected in the greater Seattle area.

By the way, it has snowed in the city of Seattle this late in the season -- and even later. The record for latest accumulating snow is April 17. But it's happened even later than that -- just three years ago on April 19, some spots got 3-10" of snow in a similar Convergence Zone set-up.

Snow near Kirkland from KOMO staff member Dan Grohl:

Snow in Snohomish: