Bellingham, you're not seeing things: It was snowing

Bellingham, you're not seeing things: It was snowing
Snow falls in Bellingham as seen from KOMO Tower camera, April 14, 2011.
BELLINGHAM, Wash. -- It is mid-April. You are not in a time warp. Spring did begin over three weeks ago.

But pardon those in Whatcom and Island County Thursday morning from feeling like they either fell into a time warp or overslept the morning by about 8 months.

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Residents there awoke to find it snowing across much of the far northern reaches of Washington. Reports came in from Bellingham, Orcas Island, Lynden and Ferndale. One report out of Ferndale said there was 1.5" inches on the ground.

The snow was caused by a passing heavy shower that moved across Orcas Island into Whatcom County. The intensity of the shower combined with catching the area at the coldest time of the day to make for a rogue snow shower.

As we got into the afternoon, snow redeveloped along the upper elevations of the Hood Canal area, with snow reported in Seabeck, Lake Cushman and Tehuya.

Snow this late in April is rare, but not unheard of. In Seattle, it's snowed as late as April 17. Just three years ago, Snohomish County saw a decent snow on April 19.

The shower was not expected to last long and temperatures were set to warm well into the 40s as the sun came up, meaning the snow will be quite short lived. But it's just another reminder that this spring hasn't exactly lived up to its reputation.

So far, Seattle has yet to reach 60 degrees in April -- a feat that has never occurred over the entire month in the city. The record fewest days above 60 is two, set in 1954. Long range forecasts don't really scream a 60 degree day out there anytime soon.

And sun continues to be elusive, as Thursday is set to mark the 48th consecutive day without an official sunny day in Seattle.