Police: Man tortured, raped woman for hours inside chamber

Police: Man tortured, raped woman for hours inside chamber
SEATTLE -- Police have arrested a Tacoma man accused of chaining up a woman and torturing her for hours in what prosecutors described as a torture room inside of his house.

John J. Hauff, 66, of Tacoma has been charged with first-degree kidnapping, first-degree rape and second-degree assault for incidents that allegedly took place on April 2.

Investigators said Hauff approached the 24-year-old woman in the 8200 block of Aurora Ave. N. for sexual role playing. The woman agreed, and drove with the man to his home in Tacoma.

During the drive, the woman sent a text message to her friend with the man's license plate number and his address. The woman told her friend to call police if she did not call by midnight. Hauff did not know about the text message, police said.

As the two neared Hauff's home, he took "a rag out of his pocket and put it over her mouth and the next thing she knew she was blindfolded and tied up," according to the statement of probable cause.

When the pair reached Hauff's home, he immediately chained the woman around the neck inside what she described as a torture chamber. The woman, still blindfolded, "began crying and screaming for him to let her go," the document said. The woman asked him if he planned on killing her, and the man responded, "We'll see," police said.

"He told her he was the master, took off all her clothes and tied her to the wall," the document said. Moments later, he strapped her down to a table and began torturing the woman in various ways, including "shocking her with a device by which he put some type of electrode on her body ... binding her breast, inserting liquid into her bladder by way of a catheter," said prosecutors in their request for bail.

"She began screaming, but after being shocked over and over he couldn't even scream," investigators wrote. The woman pleaded with Hauff and asked him to let her go, but he continued on for hours, at one point even saying, "if you think I've been mean so far, just try to hurt me," detectives said.

Police believe Hauff tortured the woman for at least eight hours. The woman eventually told Hauff about the text message she'd sent to her friend. The man checked her cell phone, then "immediately became very nice," investigators said. He untied the woman, paid her extra money and drove her back. Before he let her go, he told her not to involve the police.

Hauff also told the woman he was a fan of GOR novels, which investigators later discovered involves "one man and one woman, the complete master and the complete slave, idea and perfect for each other's need," the statement said.

Days after her release, the woman contacted Seattle police and identified Hauff in a photo lineup.

On April 16, police found Hauff with another woman and arrested him. Investigators searched the man's home and found a torture room with walls 8 inches thick that made "most sounds -- such as screams -- emanating form inside the room almost undetectable," prosecutors wrote. The room was equipped with eye bolts on the floor and the walls, "consistent with the victim's description of having a chain placed around her neck, having it run to the ceiling and then being affixed to the wall," according to the request for bail.

Also found were torture devices, including syringes, belts, paddles, sexual devices, locks, ropes, chains, tubing and "two pieces that appear to be designed to administer electricity to the human body," said prosecutors.

When questioned by detectives, Hauff admitted he picked up the woman and brought her to his house for a "bondage session," investigators said. He told them the woman had asked several times to be released, but "he was so aroused that he didn't stop or release her." Hauff also admitted to having tortured the woman in several different ways.

Hauff is being held at the King County Jail without bail. He is scheduled to be arraigned on May 2.

Prosecutors said Hauff has a conviction from 1996 for patronizing a prostitute. He has not been tied to any other cases, and the investigation is ongoing.

If convicted, he could face a life sentence in prison.