Big fight in Monroe over plans for Walmart store

Big fight in Monroe over plans for Walmart store »Play Video
MONROE, Wash. -- A big fight is going on in Monroe over whether a new Walmart store should be built.

After years of planning, the city recently approved the North Kelsey Development Plan, which includes a Walmart store. But Public Works Director Brad Feilberg says they have been asked to reconsider it.

Opponents say a big box store at this spot doesn't comply with city code.

"There are laws in place that dictate what goes here," said Diane Elliott with the Monroe Preservation Action Committee. "And what I'm asking is that the city council follow the law."

Walmart officials say they stand behind their design concept for the planned store.

"We are confident in its full compliance with city standards and the North Kelsey Development Plan," the company said in a statement.

In the meantime, a Facebook page called 'No Walmart in Monroe!' keeps gaining support with more than 1,700 followers as of Tuesday afternoon.

Elliott says she's not against Walmart, it's just not what she envisioned for this particular spot.

"A Walmart is a big box store and they want to put something here that is not unique to Monroe."

The city council was set to meet Tuesday evening at 7 p.m.