Armed man shot dead by police in Kent

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KENT, Wash. -- An armed man was fatally shot by a Kent police officer Wednesday morning near Kent Station.

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Officials said a cab driver picked the man up at his home, and later called 911 to report his passenger had a gun when they arrived at the transit center just after 9 a.m.

The man was shot shortly after two police officers arrived.

A witness, Kenneth Wilkerson, told KOMO News the man ignored several repeated commands from the officers to freeze and put the gun down.

"(The officers) drew their guns and told the man to put his hands up and surrender," Wilkerson said. "(The officers) asked him, 'Do you want to die today?' And I heard him say, 'Yes, I do' and then he walked out toward him and they shot."

Cathy Schrock with Federal Way police, who are handling the investigation, said the man raised his gun and one officer fired.

Medics rushed to the area near the intersection of 4th Avenue North and West James Street, but the man was pronounced dead at the scene. Officers recovered a gun near the man's body, Schrock said.

No one else was injured.

One of the man's daughters who arrived on scene after the shooting told KOMO News the man was a veteran receiving treatment from the VA Medical Center for several painful medical conditions and was on quite a bit of prescription drugs.

She said he was depressed from the pain and wasn't happy with his medical treatment, but she didn't know whether that played a role in Wednesday's events.

"He did not try to hurt anybody, I know for a fact he would never. He came down here mostly because I think he intended to be killed by police," said the man's daughter.

The man had three daughters and nine grandchildren, his family members said.

"He loved us a lot. He loved his daughters a lot and his grandchildren a lot," said the man's daughter.

Schrock said the officer who fired is a three-year police veteran.

Officers have cordoned off the area while they collect evidence and interview people who were in the area.