Feds raid Gig Harbor home in search of rock star's cyberattacker

Feds raid Gig Harbor home in search of rock star's cyberattacker
GIG HARBOR, Wash. -- A nationwide hunt for cyberattackers on a rock star's website brought federal agents to a home in Gig Harbor with guns drawn.

Rocker Gene Simmons has been burning mad at a group of cyberattackers calling themselves "anonymous", who took responsibility for shutting down his website last fall.

The attack on the reality star came shortly after Simmons condemned music pirating.

According to a federal warrant, federal investigators say they traced the attack to a house in Gig Harbor. And last week, before dawn, federal agents raided the Lantz family.

"I had no idea," Rhoda Lantz said. "All they said was something about internet crime."

She says agents took her teenage son's computer and questioned him for hours.

"It's all because my son went to a message board and some little worm was put into his computer," Lantz said.

She says it didn't take long for investigators to realize he wasn't the real source.

"They ruled him out as one of the masterminds and they weren't there to arrest him," she said. "They were on a fact finding mission and to take the computer."

She feels the feds overreacted.

"I think it's really stupid that they are wasting so much of the taxpayers money over Gene Simmons of KISS," she said.

We called Simmons' attorney in Los Angeles, but he has not called back. Lantz can't believe her family was put through a federal raid.

"It's over Gene Simmons, I mean he's an old rocker has been," she said. "Come on."

No charges have been filed in connection to the raid. Lantz says the feds told her it could take four months to get her son's laptop back.