Nickelsville camp moves back to its first location

Nickelsville camp moves back to its first location
Nickelsville residents unload their belongings Friday at their latest location.
SEATTLE - The homeless camp known as Nickelsville is back where it began.

Tents now sit in the same South Seattle lot where the camp first popped up in 2008, when Greg Nickels was still mayor of Seattle.

The city forced everyone out in 2009 - sending them all over town to find new locations every three months.

While Seattle is in the process of finding the camp a permanent location, residents say this is their choice.

"It's a good middle ground - a lot of green, a lot of room for people to come in anytime they need to, good bus routes, only a few neighbors who might have a problem with us - and who we hope to negotiate with them in good faith," says Nickelsville resident Nate Martin.

The Nickelsville group had been headquartered at the old Fire Station 39 on NE 127th. The new location is on West Marginal Way, near Highland Park Way.

The city may decide as early as next week whether the Nickelsville camp can stay at its new site.

"It just happened today so we really haven't had any opportunity to have discussion about their move," Deputy Mayor Darryl Smith said Friday. "It's sort of too early to figure out any of that. ... Next week we’ll catch up with staff to decide what, if anything, we’ll do."