Investigation: Former Fife cop's sex acts not criminal

Investigation: Former Fife cop's sex acts not criminal
FIFE, Wash. -- A former Fife police lieutenant accused of exposing himself while on the job on a number of occasions did not commit a crime, an investigation by the Auburn Police Department found.

The investigation examined the conduct of Jeff Westover, a 17-year veteran of the force who resigned in January amid allegations of indecent exposure and sexual harassment that stretch back to 2001. According to the investigation report obtained by KOMO News, Westover in 2001 allegedly exposed himself to an employee while the two were alone at the police station.

"Whereas there is reason to believe that Lt. Westover may have committed the crime of indecent exposure in 2001, the statute of limitations for prosecution has elapsed," said Auburn's investigation memorandum, adding, "although there were a number of other occasions when he exposed himself while on duty and in the police station, all the information we've been able to collect suggests that they were with consent."

The investigators did note that there remain unresolved questions about Westover's alleged sharing of inappropriate photos and videos with subordinates.

According to the transcript of interviews conducted by Auburn investigators, Westover was known to impose sexually implicit photos and videos to others in the workplace.

His subordinates told investigators he sometimes shared inappropriate videos on his cell phones, including video footage of himself appearing to have sex with a woman. Westover also shared images of nude women in peculiar or lewd settings, co-workers said, as well as photos of himself in a Speedo.

One co-worker recounted an incident in which Westover shared a photo of an "extremely large woman" wearing a bikini.

"She was really fat," the co-worker told investigators. "I think it was supposed to be like a funny picture."

Sometimes Westover shared these photos and videos abruptly while discussing official business, the employees said.

Several female employees said Westover exposed himself to them, but investigators concluded the incidents were consensual.

One co-worker said Westover suddenly exposed himself in his office, setting off what developed into a sexual relationship.

"It's a lot of times that kind of stuff happens where he just, he takes it out and he'll just show. And there would be nothing said," one employee told investigators. "I think he expects me to do something."

Another employee said Westover started grabbing her genitals, and she eventually began reciprocating. These incidents often led him to expose himself, the woman said.

"If he exposed himself, then I would touch him," she told investigators. "To me, it's like having to say no to something like that was a huge scare."

When asked whether the exposure was consensual, the woman said, "That's the bottom line. I didn't ask for it ... I'm (expletive) shocked and scared, and I'm sitting there, going, 'I don't want to do this."'

A co-worker said she performed sex acts on Westover. Another said she and Westover had sex in the locker room.

None of the employees said the relationship extended outside of the workplace. One woman said Westover had wanted to come over to her house to watch some pornography he owned, but she "always made excuses," according to the transcript of her interview.

Westover was placed on paid administrative leave on Nov. 20, 2010 after three female employees filed a complaint about the inappropriate cell phone photos he was allegedly sharing.

He resigned in January after the Auburn Police Department released its findings.