Tacoma Mall shooter involved in deadly prison escape attempt

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Dominick Maldonado (left) and Kevin Newland (right)
CLALLAM BAY, Wash. -- An inmate at the Clallam Bay Correctional facility was shot dead during an attempted escape as a second inmate, identified as the man who shot several people at the Tacoma Mall in 2005, held a corrections officer hostage.

It was just after 10 a.m. Wednesday when Dominick Maldonado used a pair of scissors to take a correctional officer hostage in the industries area of the prison, said officials with the Department of Corrections.

At the same time, a second offender, identified as 25-year-old Kevin Newland, drove a forklift through the doors of the work area and crashed into the perimeter fences.

A correctional officer fired a shot at Newland, killing him, officials said.

"The officers that shot him, in fact, was doing fire arms training this morning, so he was outside on the corner," said superintendent Ron Fraker.

After Newland was shot, Maldonado dropped the scissors and surrendered, according to officials. The officer who was held hostage was taken to a local hospital for treatment of minor injuries.

The entire incident lasted approximately 20 minutes.

"It's not the kind of thing I want anyone to go through, but they intervened. You've got to be really proud of that," said deputy prison director Dan Pacholke.

Both Newland and Maldonado were sewing machine operators in a factory that makes inmate clothing, prison officials said.

Prison officials talk outside the Clallam Bay Corrections Center fence on the perimeter drive around the facility (Brian Harmon/for Peninsula Daily News)

Maldonado was serving a 163-year sentence for several charges, including attempted murder, assault and kidnapping, related to a shooting at the Tacoma Mall in 2005 that wounded seven.

He entered the mall in a black trench coat with two guns in a guitar case and walked up to a T-Mobile kiosk, took off his jacket, and started firing.

Maldonado surrendered to police about four hours after he ducked into a music store in the mall and took four hostages, all of whom were released unharmed.

The most seriously wounded victim, Dan McKown, had pulled his own gun and told Maldonado to put down his weapon when he was shot and nearly bled to death. He's still mostly paralyzed in one leg.

Maldonado began his prison sentence in 2007 and was eligible for release in 2159.

Newland was serving a 45-year sentence for first-degree murder in Spokane County.

Fatally shot man had confessed to murder

Kevin Newland was convicted in November 2007 of murdering Jamie Lynn Drake, and would not have been eligible for parole until August 2049.

Drake, 19, was a Mead High School graduate who disappeared in June 2006. A week after her disappearance, Newland was arrested in King County while driving Drake's '93 Ford Mustang.

Initially arrested for possession of stolen property, Newland was extradited from King County and led detectives to Drake's body, which was hidden beneath the floorboards of his mother's cabin near Addy in Stevens County. Authorities charged Newland with Drake's murder, claiming she had been killed in Spokane County, then her body deposited in Stevens County.

Newland had dated Drake's roommate, investigators said. He wrote in his written statement:

"I Kevin Newland had been drinking Thursday night with four other people. One of the guys there kept offering me drugs and he finally pissed me off bad enough that Jon though it was best for me to leave and offered to take me back to town.

"He took me to Jordan's apartment and dropped me off. I went into the apartment looking for Jordan I went straight to her room yelled Jordan's name Jamie tapped me on the back of my shoulder I spun around startled her she screamed I threw my left hand over her mouth she bit my left index finger.

"I threw my right hand into her throat we both fell to the floor my left hand came free. I got up and laid down on the bed. Her leg moved and hit my foot I looked down at her she was looking back trying to get air but unable to I went to the kitchen got a plastic bag and covered her head.

"Went outside moved her car closer to the apartment went back inside got a sheet laid it on the floor. I got the sheet from a basket by Jordan's bed. I laid the sheet out in the hallway rolled Jamie over onto the sheet and put her into a sitting position then grabbed the corners of the sheet and tied them together. I picked Jamie up by the sheet took her outside down to the car put her in the passengers side on the floor. Drove to my moms house and stuck her under the house."

After the murder, Newland took off with Drake's car and credit card, and went on a cross-state shopping spree, racking up purchases on her credit cards in Spokane, Deer Park, Colville and Kettle Falls. Among his purchases, Newland used Drake's credit cards to watch three movies at the Regal Cinemas at NorthTown Mall less than 24 hours after he killed her.

Prior to Drake's murder Newland had an extensive criminal history, mostly in Stevens County, for writing bad checks, theft of a firearm, vehicle prowling, theft and burglary.

Newland is the fourth inmate killed by corrections officers since 2002, according to Department of Corrections spokesperson Maria Peterson.

Two inmates were killed in separate incidents at the Washington State Penitentiary in Walla Walla. In two separate incidents in January and November of 2002, tower guards shot and killed two inmates when they attempted to kill other inmates during fights.

In 2003, an inmate at Stafford Creek Corrections Center escaped and was shot by officers who attempted to catch him in the woods nearby. He died two days later.

KXLY-TV in Spokane contributed to this report.