Stolen 1999 Columbine yearbook put up for auction on Web

Stolen 1999 Columbine yearbook put up for auction on Web »Play Video
SEATTLE -- A Washington woman who was a student at Columbine High School when the bloody massacre unfolded in 1999 says an Internet post has forced survivors like herself to relive the horrific day.

Someone tried to sell the school's 1999 yearbook, which had been handed out shortly before the shootings.

Back then, Christine Bell was a junior at Columbine High School. She was in music class when two students, Erik Harris and Dylan Kleybold, opened fire in the worst school massacre in U.S. History.

"It's not an easy thing to think about," she said.

One of the school yearbooks featuring the two gunmen and their classmates was posted for auction online, with bidding topped at $700.

"It's reprehensible," Bell said.

The photo on the front of the yearbook up for auction reveals the owner of the book -- Sarah Bay, a close friend of Bell, who says Bay is not behind the post.

"She didn't sell it. It was stolen from her," said Bell.

Bay said the book was being kept at her parents house, and a family member stole it in hopes of turning a profit. Making matters worse, several high-profile blogs have criticized Bay, accusing her of being behind the bid for dollars. "Shame on you, Sarah," wrote.

"It feels like another victimization," Bay said. "I went through a really horrible tragedy, and now I'm going through another situation where I'm being victimized."

Bell just wants justice for her friend, who is still recovering from the horrific tragedy.

"It feels like someone's taking advantage of the situation all over again," she said.

The auction site took down the posting late Wednesday and said it did not know the yearbook had been stolen. The site is helping to get the yearbook sent back to its rightful owner.