Seattle to try out taxi stands near busy bars

Seattle to try out taxi stands near busy bars »Play Video
SEATTLE -- Catching a taxi in Seattle can be tough at times.

But under the city's new nightlife initiative, a change is coming that could make catching a cab a lot easier in places known for nightlife.

The city is ready to experiment with several late-night taxi zones in places near bars where up to four cabs can line up curbside from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. Instead of trying to wave down a passing taxi, passengers will know exactly where to get one.

"It'll encourage a lot of people to take taxis instead of driving home drunk, you know, or walking home drunk, which could be just as bad," said Seattle resident Amber Heath.

The five taxi zones would be along First Avenue in Pioneer Square, Downtown Seattle near Pike Place Market, along First Avenue in the heart of Belltown, on Pike Street near Broadway in Capitol Hill and on North 36th Street in the middle of Fremont.

The pickup locations will be designated in the coming weeks. If they're a hit, others could be added around Seattle.

At night, a few parking lots would make way for the taxis to park. But overall, many say it seems to make sense.

"It'll save a lot of people from driving drunk. I don't want those people on the road if they're having drinks and driving. It's just not a good thing. so, taxis are a good thing," said Capitol Hill resident Scott Cortes.

"If people are told it's going to take a half hour, 45 minutes to get a cab, they are that much more likely to not use it," said restaurant manager Regan Vaughn, "and perhaps get behind the wheel of a car and not do the smartest thing."