Longtime Mariners vendor 'Rick the Peanut Guy' dies

Longtime Mariners vendor 'Rick the Peanut Guy' dies »Play Video
FILE: Rick Kaminski wows the crowd at Seattle's Pike Place Market
KIRKLAND, Wash. -- A well-known peanut vendor who for years has delighted crowds at the Kingdome and Safeco Field has died.

Rick Kaminski, 67, passed away Tuesday at Kirkland's Evergreen Hospital due to complications from a brain aneurysm, a family spokesperson said.

Rick Kaminski is shown at the Kingdome in this 1997 file photo. (Photo: Seattlepi.com File / SL)
Kaminski, also known simply as "Rick the Peanut Guy" was famous for his wide smile, sense of humor, and pinpoint accuracy in tossing bags of peanuts to hungry fans.

Sometimes the bags fly in overhand, sometimes underhand, and most times behind the back, but always on target, even from several rows away.

His partner Candi said Rick loved what he did.

"He loved going and being with the fans and interacting with his city," Candi Mindt-Keener said. "It was his city."

She said his ultimate goal was to work the World Series, see the Mariners win it all, and retire.

Kaminski was there when the Mariners began their inaugural season in 1977, and moved with the team over to Safeco Field.

“On behalf of everyone at the Seattle Mariners, our deepest sympathies go out to Rick Kaminski’s partner Candi, his family, his many friends, and fans," said Mariners president Chuck Armstrong. "Rick was a fixture at Seattle sporting events for as long as I can remember. His speed and accuracy with a bag of peanuts was matched by his quick wit and smile. He always seemed happy to see you, even if he was meeting you for the first time.

"Rick loved what he did and the fans loved him for it. He will be sorely missed at Safeco Field as well as Peoria, Arizona, where he got in his 'Spring Training' along with everyone else.”

Fans are leaving notes of remembrance on Facebook page dedicated to Kaminski.