Bothell woman to newspaper: I'm not dead yet

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BOTHELL, Wash. -- Cheri Taylor missed her high school reunion. Then she heard some startling news about herself -- she heard that she'd been murdered.

"I was murdered in 1996," she said. "I don't feel dead."

Black balloons flew outside her 40-year high school reunion over the weekend.

Taylor missed the reunion, then received a strange call from her sister who said a newspaper article had named eight people from Kennewick High School's class of 1971 who'd been murdered.

"And I thought, 'Oh, how terrible.' And she says, 'No, it gets better. You were murdered in 1996.' And I said, 'Oh, my God, I'll call you back,'" she said.

Taylor, who was known in high school as Cheri Schumann, says a co-chairperson of the reunion received an e-mail from a classmate claiming Schumann was killed, and she told a reporter.

"They didn't have any details, so I don't know how I was killed," she said. "Nobody knows."

Taylor phoned the Tri-City Herald to set the record straight.

"So I left a message and said, 'Hello,' and said, 'This is Cheri Taylor from the other side. I wish someone would call me. There's been a mistake,'" she said.

Taylor said she's heard her mistaken murder brought sadness to many of her old friends from Kennewick High. She's planning on attending her next class reunion.

"I think so, just to prove I'm around," she said.

Another classmate who was listed as murdered in the newspaper article, Leo Marcel, did pass away, Taylor said, but his death was due to a lengthy illness, not murder.