'Miracle baby' about to head home after rollover crash

'Miracle baby' about to head home after rollover crash »Play Video
The mangled Honda Pilot is seen after the rollover crash near Mount Vernon.
SEATTLE - A Canadian father is calling his baby boy's quick recovery a miracle - only days after the child was ejected from an SUV during a rollover crash on Interstate 5 near Mount Vernon.

The baby, 3-month-old Mohammad, suffered serious head injuries when he was thrown from the SUV. It happened Thursday as his mother was driving the infant and his two sisters back to Surrey, British Columbia, from Sea-Tac Airport.

The vehicle left the roadway to the left, crashed into a concrete barrier, and rolled over. Little Mohammad and his car seat were both ejected, and they landed on the pavement in different locations.

The baby was taken to Harborview Medical Center when doctors discovered that he had suffered serious head injuries in the crash.

But by Saturday night, Harborview nurses said the boy is in stable condition - a big improvement over the last two days.

His father, Nawaz Khalid, says he's fortunate to be alive - and Washington state troopers agree.

"It's a miracle - it is," says Khalid.

Khalid wasn't in the SUV when his wife, Hira, crashed into the concrete barrier. Troopers say she told them she lost control of the vehicle after the rumble strips on the side of the road startled her.

 Three-month-old Mohammad, the "miracle baby," is seen in this family photo.

"That family dodged a bullet - big time. And somebody was looking out for them," says Trooper Keith Leary of the Washington State Patrol.

Mohammad's sisters, aged 6 and 7, and his mother are OK. Troopers say they were buckled up. But investigators told us the little boy wasn't.

"There are two things wrong," says Leary. "One, the child's not buckled in the seat. And the seat's not actually affixed into that seat properly the way that it should have been. Without saying that blatantly, the mom pretty much acknowledged that when we spoke with her."

Nawaz Khalid is thankful his family survived - and he wonders how this happened.

He says Mohammad was sitting in the car seat between his sisters.

"We don't know if they touched it, or if they opened the buckle, or whatever happened," he says.

The State Patrol gave the mother a ticket for improper lane travel and seatbelt violations, and fined her $248.

As for Mohammad, he could be released from Harborview as early as Sunday.