Passers-by rescue dogs trapped in burning home

Passers-by rescue dogs trapped in burning home
SEATTLE -- Two women who drove by a burning home Sunday night didn't hesitate to jump into action when they spotted a pair of dogs trapped inside.

Kim Swanson and her partner Karen Jacobs were on their way home from dinner when they saw smoke billowing out of a house in the 1500 block of Martin Luther King Jr. Way.

"I pulled over, threw her my phone and said 'call 911' and ran to the house," Swanson said.

She saw the dogs trying to get out of a window that was cracked open, but it wasn't big enough for the animals to escape.

Swanson and Jacobs broke a latch on the window and said it was difficult to see through the thick smoke.

Karen Jacobs, left, and Kim Swanson discuss the fire during an interview Sunday night.

"I had taken off my shirt and sprayed it down with a hose I found in back, and then put it over my face and head," Swanson said.

Swanson went inside the burning house and handed the dogs through the window to Jacobs.

By the time firefighters arrived, flames were coming out of the sides of the home, but the fire was quickly extinguished.

Swanson was treated at the scene for smoke inhalation and said she's coughing a bit but doing okay.

The two dogs, Babu and Angus, are doing fine and were reunited with the homeowner late Sunday night.

Investigators believe an electrical problem in the attic started the fire.