Woman fighting to save home, business from foreclosure

Woman fighting to save home, business from foreclosure »Play Video
SEATTLE -- All Vera Johnson wants to know is why she can't get a modification of her home loan.

She owns Village Green Perennial Nursery. Johnson and her two children also live on the property, where she sells plants, containers, art -- things to create a beautiful garden.

But she may lose it all.

"So I'm $15,000 behind right now," she said.

Johnson says she knew her income was dropping, so she planned ahead. She says she went to Bank of America 18 months ago and applied for a loan modification through the Making Home Affordable program.

"And I was declined for all of their MHA loan programs that they have," she said.

According to Bank of America, that was stage 1. Since Johnson was denied there, they moved onto state 2 -- going directly
to Fannie Mae. Now they're in stage 3 which, according to Bank of America, entails trying to get managerial override of the last denial.

"I think I'm going to start slamming Fannie Mae with emails," said Johnson.

Johnson got Bank of America's attention when she handed over a petition with more than 10,000 signatures supporting her.

"I'm trying in good faith to keep my home that I've been living in for eight years, a business that I've been running for eight years," Johnson said. "This business has been here for 32 years. I'm not trying to say, 'Give me a home for free.' I'm saying, 'Come on, work with me.'"

Bank of America says it is working with Johnson, but according to the income-and-debt formula it uses, she does not qualify.

But Johnson claims she does, and is continuing her fight to keep her home and business. She's gaining a small army of supporters. They organized a rally and fundraiser for Johnson on Aug. 31 at Big Al Brewing in White Center.