Sheriff asks for investigation of deputies' response to 911 call

Sheriff asks for investigation of deputies' response to 911 call
SEATTLE -- King County Sheriff Sue Rahr said Friday she will ask her Internal Investigations Unit to investigate the response of two deputies to a 911 hang up call that originated at the time of the murder of six people in Carnation on Christmas Eve.

"Lets be very clear", Rahr said in a press release Friday, "the evidence at the scene of the homicides, as well as statements from both suspects, clearly show all of the victims were killed before the deputies arrived. Nevertheless, we have certain procedures for specific reasons, and I want to find out if those procedures were followed. And if not, why not."

Their internal investigation shows that Erica Anderson made the 911 call after she had been shot twice, and after her mother, father, and husband were already dead. Prosecutors say murder suspect Joe McEnroe took the phone out of Erica's hands, tore the phone apart, then shot her in the head. Then her two children were shot.

Rahr gave the following timeline for the 911 hang-up call:

* 5:13.47 p.m.: Communications Center receives a call lasting about 10 seconds from the Anderson residence. The 911 call receiver did not hear any talking on the call, and noted information for the dispatcher: "Heard a lot of yelling in the background….sounded more like party noise than angry heated arguing".

* 5:15.11 p.m.: Call Receiver calls back into the residence but it the call goes to voice mail.

* 5:19.11 p.m.: Two deputies are dispatched to the call, and are given the information provided by the Call Receiver.

* 5:21.32 p.m.: A second call is made back to the residence. Still voice mail.

* 5:45.10 p.m. Two deputies in separate patrol cars arrive.

* 5:55.31 p.m.: Both deputies clear the location, and tell the 911 dispatcher: "Gate is locked….Unable to access".

Rahr said while the deputies were on the scene, they spoke with a neighbor on the same access drive as the Andersons. The neighbor said she had not seen or heard anything suspicious at the Anderson residence before the deputies arrived.

Rahr says the deputies who were dispatched to the call are 55-years-old and 27 years-old. The first has been with the sheriff's office for 9 years with prior police experience in Hawaii. The second has been a police officer for one year.