Yuck! Fish heads slow traffic on I-5

Yuck! Fish heads slow traffic on I-5 »Play Video
SEATTLE -- It's not the type of thing you're likely to see on a recruitment poster, but there's little doubt Washington State Patrol Trooper Jamie Arnold upheld the agency's "Service With Humility" motto on Tuesday evening.

At about 6 p.m., Arnold was dispatched to check out a report of a lost load causing a slowdown on northbound Interstate 5 at Northeast 145th.

When he arrived he didn't find the usual piece of lumber from a truck or a part that came loose from a car.

Arnold was faced with a pile of bloody fish heads spilled across several lanes of traffic.

He didn't call for a road crew or extra help. And unlike the apparent procedure in Astoria, Ore., he didn't even call for an intern.

Arnold grabbed a shovel and went to work.

He can be seen in video from a Department of Transportation camera scooping up the fish heads and moving them off freeway, one shovelful at a time.

Arnold even had to dodge cars entering from the onramp as he made repeated trips with his shovel to the side of the road.

After about 10 minutes the road was clear of the gross mess and Arnold went back on patrol.

State Patrol spokeswoman Julie Startup said it was not clear how the fish heads ended up on the freeway.