Tacoma teachers' strike looms again

Tacoma teachers' strike looms again
TACOMA, Wash. -- For the second time in two weeks, a possible teacher's strike looms for the nearly 30,000 students in the Tacoma School District.

Union leaders are calling on more than 2,000 teachers to gather at Mount Tahoma High School at 4:45 p.m. Monday for a critical vote that could send the teachers out of the classrooms and onto the picket lines.

Contract talks have failed sending this labor dispute into another showdown that could bring the new school year to a grinding stop.

The first vote, held Sept. 1, had 77 percent of the teachers approving a strike -- narrowly missing the 80 percent threshold needed to strike. Instead, teachers agreed to work while their union and the district continued negotiating.

The major issues dividing the sides are salaries, class size and how much flexibility administrators should have to re-assign and transfer teachers.