Seattle 'superhero' Jones arrested for investigation of assault

Seattle 'superhero' Jones arrested for investigation of assault »Play Video
SEATTLE -- The Belltown crime-fighter known only as "Phoenix Jones" was arrested for investigation of assault on Sunday.

It was just after 2:30 a.m. when police were called to a report that several people were pepper sprayed near First Avenue and Columbia Street, said Seattle police spokesman Jeff Kappel.

Kappel said their initial investigation shows a group had just left a club nearby and were walking back to their car when a man came up from behind and pepper sprayed the group, and then two men in the group chased after the sprayer.

Police eventually arrived and separated everyone involved, and Jones was booked for four counts of assault for using the pepper spray. He was later released, but not before police confiscated his yellow and black, custom-made crime-fighting suit as evidence.

Jones is well known to roam around the heart of Seattle in costume during the late night hours, looking to stop any crimes he sees in progress. Police have urged Jones to just call 911 instead of getting involved. But now, officers say Jones went too far.

According to a police report, Jones told investigators he spotted two men fighting but could not explain why four people, including two women got pepper sprayed.

Officers also wrote there have been increased reports of people being pepper sprayed by Jones.

A spokesman for Jones told KOMO News he believes police haven't fully investigated the case. He claims Jones was trying to help others who were being attacked by a group and he only used the pepper spray after some of the attackers came after him.