Bellevue cemetery offers nation's first golfers-only section

Bellevue cemetery offers nation's first golfers-only section »Play Video
BELLEVUE, Wash. -- You can now be buried on the back nine.

A funeral home is offering a first-of-its-kind lot in the nation -- a final resting place devoted exclusively to die-hard golfers.

"The great beyond," said golfer Jim Conti. "Heaven certainly will have golf courses up there."

But in case it doesn't, Sunset Hills Memorial Golf Park allows golfers to rest in peace on the greens. The cemetery offers golf course attributes, from the fountain to the fairway. Even the sand trap is gridded into spaces for urns.

"So for golfers who spend a lot of time in the bunker -- they're free to spend eternity in the bunker at Sunset Hills," said Arnes Swanson, the man behind the idea.

Swanson said he came up with the idea after golfing with his son. "A family came out to the fairway, and we observed them scattering their loved one on the fairway. And I thought to myself immediately, 'There's got to be a better way.'"

At Sunset Hills, the ossuary sits under a golf flag. casket burials can take place in bench estates. Funeral prices are on par with the rest of the grounds despite the departed's pick of placement.

Members of the PGA and the LPGA have been invited to attend next Tuesday's official dedication of the memorial golf park.

Swanson hinted that there could be other sporting activities incorporated into future cemetery plans.