Vandals target local Boys and Girls Club

Vandals target local Boys and Girls Club
Brazen vandals targeted the Boys and Girls Club of Snohomish County last night, and police fear the attack wasn't random.

When workers arrived at the club's headquarters this morning, they quickly realized that two of the organization's vans had been hit by vandals. Not only were all eight tires slashed, but the fuel lines had also been severed.

Marci Volmer of the Boys and Girls Club said that when all the damage is tallied up, the vandalism spree could cost the organization as much as $2,000

"It's just sad, because number one, it's an inconvenience, and number two, it's expensive," Volmer said.

This isn't the first time that the club has been victimized, either. Earlier incidents led to staff members installing outdoor security cameras, but police say the cameras didn't catch last night's activity.

Given the severity of the spree and the time it must have taken, Snohomish Police Chief John Turner suspects someone specifically targeted the non-profit organization.

"Obviously, this was not just a slash of a tire and be gone," Turner said. "Somebody spent some time and they were very angry."

The vans, which are used daily to drive kids to and from school, are insured, but Volmer said each has a $500 deductible.