Ex-Poulsbo police employee accused of stealing evidence guns

POULSBO, Wash. -- Deputies have arrested a former police evidence clerk accused of stealing at least two guns from the evidence room of the Poulsbo Police Department.

Amanda M. Dixon was arrested Tuesday at the Kitsap County Courthouse where she was attending a court hearing for her boyfriend.

Dixon, 23, of Kingston is accused of stealing a .22-caliber semi-automatic handgun, which was recorded as having been destroyed in May. Dixon, an employee of the Poulsbo Police Department at the time, had signed the departmental records indicating she'd witnessed the destruction.

But when Dixon's car was involved in a crash in Gorst in September, a state trooper found the gun under the driver's seat. The gun's serial number appeared to have been intentionally removed, deputies said, but investigators were able to identify it as the firearm that was previously in police custody.

Dixon's boyfriend, 22-year-old Jacob J. Bryant, was driving Dixon's car at the time of the crash. Bryant, a convicted felon, was arrested for investigation of illegal possession of a firearm.

Dixon, who resigned from the Poulsbo Police Department in June, was recently charged in a similar case in which she is accused of stealing another handgun from the department's evidence room.

That weapon, a .380-caliber semi-automatic handgun, was also reported destroyed in a report signed by Dixon, deputies said. A family member turned in the weapon in July, and Dixon was charged with theft of a firearm. She has not been convicted in that case.

Dixon was released on her own cognizance after her initial court hearing on Wednesday.