Cancer survivor's home saved from foreclosure

Cancer survivor's home saved from foreclosure »Play Video
SEATTLE -- A 71-year-old cancer survivor who nearly lost her home is celebrating a last-second save from the auction block.

The Problem Solvers jumped in to assist Dixie Mitchell who wasn't looking for a free ride, but rather just some help.

Mitchell raised 50 foster kids and nine of her own in her house. This month, she faced the threat of foreclosure.

"I believe in God, and I know God is good. And he won't put more on you than you can bear, but seem like to me I'm scraping the barrel," she said.

Neighbors, family, and strangers, armed with with protest signs and petitions, joined Mitchell's fight to save her home of 44 years

"I want to stay in my house," Mitchell said. "I know I made the loan, but I didn't expect I'd have cancer, my husband would have cancer."

Mitchell says she repeatedly sent modification paperwork to Ocwen Financial in Florida, but was told to submit again and again.

The Problem Solvers connected Mitchell with an Issaquah attorney who offered to handle her case pro bono. Within two days, she had her loan modified.

"Whew, I guess it's all done," she said. "Thank you, Jesus, and thank you, Elisa."

Mitchell, who lives on social security, says she never wanted a free ride.

"I wanted a way to keep my dignity and pay my way," she said.

Ocwen Financial offered Dixie a 2-percent fixed rate for the life of the loan -- a payment she and her disabled husband say they can handle.

"The loan is gonna be $1,700 a month," she said. "I was paying $1,900 before it went up, and then it went up to $2,400, and went up to $2,568. And that's where I couldn't go no further."

And now she doesn't have to go anywhere.